Most of the best things in life require simple consistency over long periods of time.

Unfortunately, bad things also happen with simple consistency over time. Think of the story of boiling a frog to death by turning up the temperature of the water in the pot one degree at a time…

Bad habits, complacency, negativity and just generally, slowly accepting less over time all happen virtually imperceptibly. It happens to everyone.

In a less serious parallel, and saying up front that I really do like Texas and San Antonio,  I recently made a quick trip back to San Antonio for work and made the drive back home to Colorado. After only being gone for four months, I was really surprised how hot and humid San Antonio felt to me, because I lived there for over 6 years and had become “used to it”… Also, driving back home into the green fields of Colorado and coming up to the Rocky Mountains easily put a big smile on my face after driving through West Texas. 🙂

Grant Cardone, in his book “The 10X Rule”, teaches all our goals and efforts should be “10X” what we first think, because even if you don’t make it, you’ll still achieve far, FAR beyond what you would have with your first goal. I now believe another important reason to think “10X” is to keep yourself even further away from becoming a boiling frog.

Watch yourself. You are in control.


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