At work, I recently had my “1st quarter check-in”. This is the first year at work I will not be given a mid-year, or end-of-year, performance rating that goes on my record. Instead we will be using a new framework that looks at “what” I am accomplishing and “how” I go about accomplishing my work equally. The push is to help elevate our performance culture into one that goes beyond grades to a continuously coaching culture.

It got me thinking about what I am doing in my home as a leader with my family. I obviously don’t want to give my kids a performance grade, but I do want to help them set and reach goals and feel like they are growing and seeing successes over time. Just like anything that is important, it requires intentional effort to do this. I need to implement some flavor of “quarterly check-ins”. I’ll report back how it goes.

…and I need to do the same as a parent, because I need to keep improving. My family depends on it.


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