Great leaders are authentic, have integrity and create environments where people can succeed.

I want to become a great leader, and there is no better laboratory or leadership training ground than in my own home as a parent. There are tons of things out there about leadership in the context of the business world that I will be applying to home leadership and writing about. Leadership is leadership, and our society is definitely struggling with leadership particularly in the home.

To start, John Maxwell’s famous first level of leadership is “positional leadership”. At this first level, you use your position as THE reason people should listen and do what you tell them.

At home, this sounds like “… because I told you to, and I’m your parent.” Everyone loses in this situation.

I’m definitely guilty of leading from this level as a parent more than I should. I’m glad that I am recognizing it more and working to raise my leadership level in my home as a parent. My leadership responsibilities are no greater than they are inside my home.

No doubt, being a better leader in the home will naturally follow me outside it.


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