“A ribbon-cutting ceremony is a public ceremony conducted to inaugurate the opening to the general public of a new building or business.” – wikipedia

Our family had the fortune of moving into a new house this month, and tonight, instead of a ribbon-cutting ceremony, we had a dedicatory prayer for our new home to get it started off the right way and set a tone for how we view it and the importance of it for our family.  It was really important to talk with my little boys about it and even hear what they wanted to help make sure our house is like moving forward.

Whether a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a business, or a dedicatory prayer for an educational or religious building, you should put the same practice towards your home. Because, your “Home is a serious business”.

The things we talked about that is very important to us as a family is that our home is a place of:

  • Refuge and safety – from physical and spiritual elements
  • Joy and happiness
  • Teaching and learning
  • Trust and forgiveness
  • Order and peace

It is necessary that we are intentional about the things we do, especially when it comes to our family and our homes. Getting a little more formal in discussing the purposes and aims of the physical structure of your home is worth it. No other building out there that is dedicated, or has a ribbon-cutting ceremony, is anywhere near as important as your home and the work that goes on inside it.

  1. Amy Denny
    Amy Denny 2 years ago

    We have been fortunate to be invited when each of our boys did this for their homes. It is serious business. Thanks Scott for sharing.

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