The music industry is a global, multi-multi-billion dollar industry for good reason. People love good music. It is entertaining, it is moving, its soothing, and it is powerful. It is many things.

At work, I walked in an area that had a big screen with an running brook playing with the nature sounds of the scene playing in the background. I asked about it and was told they were experimenting with sounds in the workplace, particularly nature. Curious, this lead to me a whole bunch of research about music in the workplace. It’s interesting to know it has been used for centuries. I read that one of the first radio programs that wasn’t news was a program designed for helping factory worker production.

As with most things of power and influence, it can be used for good or bad. And of course, it is the good that is of most interest to me. Research findings mention music can contribute to reducing stress, increased focus, better decision making, reduced stress, greater satisfaction, less mistakes and even improved morale and team spirit.

So music is not just for entertainment and pleasure, it is a tool that when used appropriately helps do great work. The use of music as a tool is not new, but I’d say it is easily overlooked and underutilized. The workplace we all should consider its use of more seriously is within our homes. It helps set an intentional tone for all those who enter – think restaurants, stores and even temples – and has real influence on the outcomes of what goes on within its reach. Use music intentionally as a tool in your home to help succeed in the work you want and are trying so hard to do.

In summary, I’d like to quote the end of this post, “The environment you create impacts the behavior you get. When deciding what sounds will fill your [home], get deliberate: test and tweak until you find the perfect harmony. The ability to do consistently great work [in your home] is what’s at stake, so think before you press play.”


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