We are getting new sod in our front yard installed tomorrow. Someone came today to tell us that and give us a little rundown about our sprinklers and the best way to water for a while. He explained some soaking cycles are the best and said the idea is like soaking a sponge. It is better to do it slowly in two different cycles instead of just dumping a lot of water on the sponge all at once, because most of the water will not even get soaked in that way.

Last week, in another context, I was listening to a talk about how important consistency is. In the talk it used the example of brushing your teeth. You don’t know exactly how long you need to brush your teeth before your teeth start to really benefit, but you know it works. Also, it doesn’t work when you brush your teeth for an hour once a week. You just need to brush for 2 minutes at a time at least twice a day. Minimal effort but consistent effort is the difference.

The same is true with family relationships, whether with your kids or your spouse. A small, but consistent effort, will yield much more benefit than something big once a month. Don’t pass the little moments and opportunities thinking that are too small and won’t matter, thinking you will make up for it later with something much bigger. This is true for building communication, trust, teaching/learning, listening, confidence, and virtually any meaningful relationship quality.

Give your family relationships good soaking cycles.


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